In the beginning it began

by Louise

There are three things I hate: snakes, parsnips and writing about myself. 

Michelle also hates the latter, so instead of writing a small paragraph about ourselves we decided to write about how we met and why we started our blog instead.

I met Michelle about 10 years ago. We worked for the same company and became friends through our mutual love of craft and occasional shared commute. 

Somehow we managed to start a lunchtime knitting club, meeting weekly in the break room, and soon had a regular group who would knit, crochet, teach and chat. 

Eventually we both left the company but happily remained friends. 

Over the years Michelle and I accumulated a couple of kids each and between us we have three boys and one girl. 

The underpin of our friendship continues to be craft. We often meet on a Friday morning and bounce ideas off each other, chat and eat cake. In 2014, we worked collaboratively on a large craft project, the process was so enjoyable for us both that we were starting to think to the future and plan our next effort. 

We were still pondering our next project when Michelle told me that she, along with her partner and boys, were moving away from the area to be closer to family. This was great news for them but truthfully sucked for me. 

The last time I visited her at her old house she asked if I had any ideas for our next collaboration and I said, half seriously, "what about a craft blog?" It honestly is not something I had given much thought to but began to realise that it would be a way of staying in touch with my crafty friend. Fortunately the idea lodged in Michelle's wonderfully creative head and here we are. 

We hope you enjoy our ramblings, observations and crafty endeavours as much as we do.


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