14 months

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
I've been starting to plan (yes it's March, to be fair I started in January!) my project list for this year, but before I shared that I wanted to look back on how things went last year. 14 months ago I wrote my 2017 Project List. So no one needs to go hunting around for it, it looked a little like this:

  1. Black bag
  2. Green beanie
  3. Blanket for brother (In the midnight garden)
  4. A big grey cowl (own design)
  5. A red cowl for a friend
  6. Sofa throw for mum
  7. Blanket based on our landscape around here, using Attic 24 Moorlands pattern
  8. Flax jumpers for boys
  9. Sofa throw - Helen
  10. Sofa throw - Amanda

Other wish list items:

  • Oversized wrap cardigan for me
  • Garlands and paper chains
  • Xmas baubles
  • Cushions
  • Pouf
  • Baskets
  • Rugs
  • A SFMGS cowl
  • Neon and black mini granny blanket
  • Hexie blanket

While I veered wildly away from my list at times I've surprised myself by completing quite a few things since writing that list. Note I say 'since writing the list', not 'in 2017'. Yes I'm totally cheating, so there. Here is what I finished:

  1. Charity granny squares
  2. Green bag
  3. Green beanie
  4. Big grey cowl
  5. Easy grey cowl
  6. Neutral bunting
  7. Rainbow paperchain
  8. Blue loopy mesh cowl
  9. White loopy mesh cowl
  10. Two tone cushion front
  11. Sofa throw for Mum (Tidal Blanket)
  12. Schlanket
  13. Two cake granny ripple baby blanket
  14. Linen granny tee
  15. 6 metres of grey, black and white bunting
  16. 4x baubles
  17. 2x t-shirt yarn bags for teacher gifts
  18. 5x lovebomb bookmarks for teacher gifts
  19. Teahouse wrap
  20. Joe's scarf
  21. Sunday shawl


All in all I'm pretty happy with that, now I look back and can see what I actually finished! Now to actually finish planning the next year/10/12/14 months...

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  1. Oh that’s an amazing number of completed projects! It was great to see them all together.


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