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Sunday, February 25, 2018
My favourite gifts are those of yarn. If I am really honest, birthdays and Christmases that don't include a yarn surprise are a little disappointing. I know I'm awful for confessing that but it is true. I am also very fortunate in that many of my family know that I'm obsessed with yarny goodness and, while they may not understand the appeal, they are happy to give me my fix.

One of my suppliers is my MIL, she's the one who purchased the the greenest green which became my favourite shawly thing ever. 

Following on from that massive success she gifted me with this little beauty.

I'm not going to lie, it wasn't my favourite yarn. I know that its amazing quality and from a well renowned yarn producer but those colours?! Should they ever go together? Let's just say it wasn't love at first sight and I felt like a terrible person for not loving it (I didn't tell her that I didn't like it and she doesn't read the blog!). Besides the colour, the other issue was that it only weighs 50gms which isn't quite enough to make a decent shawl or pair of socks. 

Unable to let myself give the yarn away, I stored it with the rest of my stash and let it marinade until its future became clear. 

Then I came across  Leanne Cretains "A twist of Lime" My original plan was to use the left over contrast yarn from my Greenest Merman but the Bendigo Woollen mills Luxury 4ply yarn does not contain any nylon, which means that it would wear out quickly on the toe and heel. 

So, instead, I used some left over nameless sock yarn for the harder wearing areas, the Luxury 4ply on the cuff,  and the crazy gift yarn for the leg and foot. 

As I started to knit the first leg, I was amazed to see that the colour was pooling in the most amazing twists around my foot. I was wrong, it wasn't hideous at all, it was lovely. 

I'm quite happy to be proven wrong and now I have a fantastic pair of socks. 


  1. They worked out surprisingly well! Maybe it was the neutral cuff and toe? The way the colour clumped once knitted? I think it was a very good solution for what seemed an odd little skein!

    1. Thank you. I'm still amazed at the non-hideousness of the finished object.


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