A promising start

Monday, October 30, 2017

Well it was a promising start, but now, I'm not so sure. Actually I feel rather disinclined to finish this project. It all started well. I bought the yarn from Spotlight whilst visiting Louise, and holiday yarn is the best. It was chunky and 50% cotton, the colours were nice. I pictured a two-tone square project, and big geometric design, a squishy cushion for the sofa. I enjoyed the process of trying to alter all the square patterns I'd seen to try to minimise the gaps. I'd always seen this as a cushion project, and didn't want to see the insert through the design. I tried the more continuous method for this type of square but didn't like the effect of having the second row be sort of 'wrong side' looking stitches.

Look how nice and square those squares look, I was probably thinking to myself. 

The squares turned out to be pretty big. It'd be a pretty big cushion, 60cm square. That will look huge in our living room! Not quite big enough for a floor cushion, although I could do it square sided.

Look how wobbly it is now. The squares are super puffy, I think there's too many stitches. There's definitely something not right with the square design. Or if there's not, then I should have blocked each square individually, because I can see when I go to block it now I'll have to be careful not to pull apart the intersections, and put 4 pins in there to hold the corners together. I feel very meh about the whole thing. It's been sitting waiting to block since mid-August. I might block it. And buy the fabric required to turn it into a cushion, and sew it up. Or I might put it in a bag and just consider it unfinished for a while, and move on and hopefully finish some things I feel quite good about to bolster my confidence again!

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  1. I love it! You could gift it. Is it big enough to be a baby blanket?


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