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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

It's been another year where great chunks of time whistle past and then it's September. I guess being in moving-house-limbo for 6 months didn't help. As it turns out, I keep forgetting that I even did this little project, TWICE, and I think I shared a photo of the second one I did in blue for my mother in law, but never the photos of the white one I did for me. I loved this thing it was like wearing a puffy neck cloud. I loved it so much it died already, stretched, pilled and probably in need of a wash. Then we moved and now I'm not even sure where it is. One day I'll have a look for it and see if it can be revived.

I had been playing around with all these cowl ideas, some quite close to the neck with more of a stitch-sampler design, then trying them on and realising they just didn't suit me. They didn't suit me or they way I wanted to wear something warm around my neck. I get cold, then hot, I need to be able to adjust, and layer. I also realised for me, simpler is best.

And do you know, can't even remember the specifics of making it now. It was awfully simple though, I'm sure you can see how it was done. It started with a chain, joined it, then it was up with a couple of chain stitches, over with one, then - probably a double crochet? - over with a chain, and so on. When you do the next round, join to the top of the double crochet, from memory, then chain 2 or 3, and on it goes. Took two balls of that Panda chunky yarn to do this, was left with almost nothing, which I like because I'm not keen on scraps.

Yeah, so not keen on modelling!

1 comment:

  1. Why do you think I use the mini-model so much?!

    It looks great well done Michelle. You may need to make another in a different yarn.


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