Tidal blanket

Monday, July 31, 2017
It is finished! Ta daaa! The tidal blanket! And already gone, I gave it to my mum on Saturday. I miss it already, I loved this blanket, all cotton, but nice and heavy.

It took forever. But it was worth it. I did end up giving in before using all the yarn, which was my original plan. I should have had enough to make it the size of Lucy's (of Attic24) Ripple blanket. I was never going to do the border, I like the naked edges, and I love the ripple edges. Even with all my careful yarn planning, I suspect I was going to run out of the cream before any of the other colours. Plus, it took forever. I ended up measuring against myself, and stopped when it was long enough to have a good nap under on the sofa, even if you were stretched out. Being short, with a short mum, was a distinct advantage there.

The yarn was Lily Sugar'n cream, in the three denim colour ways and the cream was flecked with a denim blue speckle. We moved house before I finished it, and I haven't quite got my photo spots sorted here yet. The walls are all yellow, which presents lil monochrome me with quite the dilemma. So the morning just before I gave it to mum, I had my son model it down our local beach. It's folded almost double here, to keep it off the sand.

And now I feel a bit lost without it, it was my grounding project that was always there.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful blanket Michelle.
    I'm glad your Mum likes it. You might have to make another one for yourself.


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