The greenist Merman

Monday, June 26, 2017
In terms of creativity, one of the major points of difference between Michelle and myself is how we decide on our next project.

Michelle will be inspired by something she has seen, she will then start devising a plan for executing the object and, once she is sure she can achieve the look she is after, she will buy the yarn. Creative and logical. 

I, however, tend to find myself holding a single skein/cake/ball of yarn and wondering what I can make with it. I then trawl Ravelry trying to find a pattern that works with my yardage or is striped so I can use a contrast yarn to bump up my yardage. I then spend the whole of my knitting time fretting that  I don't have the necessary yardage. Sometimes it all works out OK, other times I have to wing it. 

One of my recent finished objects started out a little like this too. The yarn is from La Bien Aimee and the colourway is called Stephen the Mermaid. 

 It was a gift from my Mother-in-Law from a trip to Europe. Apparently she went into a parisian yarn store and announced that she was seeking 'the greenest green'. This is clearly a winning shopping technique. 

And so it was, that I found myself caressing the yarn (in a very creepy manner) when I realised that yarn called Stephen the Merman could only be used for a Stephen West pattern. My Ravelry trawl began. Typically, I didn't have enough yarn to make one of his bigger designs but I had quickly fallen in love with Batad which I thought would be perfect with the Ghost colourway from Bendigo Woollen Mills that was also sat stewing away in stash. 

It was a delight to knit up and the mini model was keen to help show it off

Readers with sharp eyesight may notice that the bottom section is smaller than the others. I ran out of yarn. I decided that rather than rip back to the last grey section and finishing it short. I just knit as much as I could with the green yarn and then rather than following the pattern and doing a icord bind off. I started another grey pleat, following the instructions for the previous pleats and when I got to a place where a wrap and turn should have been, I instead did a double YO with the grey (This last paragraph only makes sense if you have the pattern, sorry)

The one on the left is my fudged version and the one on the right is as per the pattern. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and it meant I got to use every last scrap of the green.

I bound off with a three needle bind off.

This was also another stash down project. Its kind of remarkable that in 6 weeks time I will have been a year since I took the original photo.


  1. As you know I love love this yarn, and I love your Batad, I think the ghost worked perfectly and the finished object is so lovely and useful. Maybe we need a photo of the stash where you mark off all the used yarn?

    1. Wait patiently my pretty it hasn't been a whole year yet!

      Thansk you. I love my Batad too and worn it heaps.


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