Bedside Table Upcycle

Sunday, June 11, 2017
Some time ago I mentioned to my Mother in law that I was thinking of getting the kids some bedside tables and that I had been keeping my eye out during council clean-up; for our foreign readers this is an amazing twice yearly service provided by the local Council (Michelle lives in the boondocks so she probably doesn't have one). Basically, the local Council invites you to put all your unwanted stuff out on the kerb and they pick it up and take it to the tip. The best thing about this is that everybody else prowls around and picks stuff out of your pile that they can re-use.

Anyway, I didn't find what I was looking for but my MIL had decided that she was going to update her bedroom and had two solid timber bedside tables that she no longer needed.

They were clearly so ugly that I couldn't bring myself to take any photos of it and then after posting it on Instagram I promptly deleted it. Anyway, as the hashtag says 'sturdy but ugly' and those brass effect handles ewww! They were the first thing to go, well when I say go, I mean removed and hoarded in the shed for future reuse.

Although I know I can use coverstain to paint directly over the existing finished I've never liked the finish it gives you and I don't believe it stands up to the abuse it gets in a kids bedroom. So instead I busted out the sander.

This was not one of my cleverer moments. No toes were lost in the making of this bedside table.

At first I thought the natural grain was pretty cool but then I realised it was looking at me. Creepy. 

A layer of undercoat was quickly applied.

The first bedside table was destined for Master F's room. He is a big fan of blue. Michelle helped devise a plan for the handles which were made by screwing hoops into the existing holes though which the rope was inserted and then knotted.

I wanted Miss K's bedside table to look completely different from Flynn's so I filled the existing draw handle holes and choose a different colour scheme. White on top, blue on the base and drilled new holes for the single central glass handles.

 I'm so pleased with them both and happily the kids love them. Apparently kids do like home-wares!

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  1. Ha! Yes, we have no council clean up down here, I miss it! So handy for finding bits and bobs. I like how they now each have their own character, and as the kids grow they can be restyled over and over. Nice job!


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