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Thursday, March 23, 2017
Firstly, let me apologise for the gap between blogs. Life seems unusually busy at present. I also seem to be short of Knitting time which is thoroughly unacceptable. However, despite this, I have managed to finish the squares for Flynn's blanket which is good because I want it finished for his birthday in April. This is not a surprise gift but a much anticipated gift.

As you know, i have always had a strong vision regarding the appearance of this blanket. This is really unusual for me as my previous blankets have been much more haphazard and I have the normal concerns that the vision wouldn't be achieved. However at every stage of this project, these fears have been chipped away, as I realise its going to look exactly how I imagined it. This confidence is very strange. Where has pessimistic Louise gone?

The next stage of the project is to weave in all the ends,  seam the beast and then turn my attention to the border.

Another thing to come out of this project has been the amusement of laying the blocks down in different patterns to see what other possibilities presented themselves.

Here are some of the alternative endings, there are so many more.

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  1. I'd like to see someone calculate the number of variations! There'd be some trick to it, because you can pick it up and turn it around, so not every variation would actually be different... I think my fave is the diamond style one, with solid blue centre, but looking forward to seeing what you do!


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