Oh this blanket!

Friday, February 17, 2017
Oh oh oh this blanket!

I'm fairly busy in my non-blog life, trying to make new plans for my future and decide what I really want to do in terms of employment. This has lead me to make a fairly crazy commitment which has, temporarily, snatched up the vast majority of my knitting time. 

However, when I do knit, the blanket is my go to. Basically, although the mindless aspect is turning out to be mind numbing, it is very easy to pick up and put down. Obviously this is an easy project that I should steam through without issue?! Right? Ha ha ha ha.  NO! 

Early on in this project, I carefully calculated how much yarn I needed and realized that I would would be short of by about 50g ball of cream and that I would also need more blue. So I made a stash down plan for the blue (that's for another post) and purchased one 50g ball of the cream. 

However, the other day, as I was preparing to do the last round of white, I discovered that I had more than enough white yarn left. Weird. I'm usually fairly good at working out when I'm going to run short of yarn.

I won't lie, this project has been dragging on a little. I'm close to the end and thought a visual boost would spur me on to the end. 

So I laid them out on the floor to admire the pattern

What the chuffing nuts is this??!!! I'm missing two squares! OH MY GOD *panic flail* how is this possible? I should have 16 squares. I have no green left. I can't make two more squares...
Hang on. There's only 14 squares there *rummage in project bag*

Oh for the love of chestnuts!

Where do you think you have been??!

Oh oh oh this blanket!


  1. Oh it's so good seeing it laid out like that, but I can imagine how you felt before you found those two little green squares! And you thought you'd already done the white on them too! You've done so much now though, not too far to go ;)

  2. I'm really pleased with how it is shaping up and having them laid out did confirm that it will look how I envisaged when I first started planning it. Sadly, I don't feel like I'm getting close especially considering I've taken a mental step back today! Plus don't underestimate all the sewing, seaming and its bound to need a border.

    On the plus side I did show Flynn and he declared it a 'Minecraft Blanket' so its pretty safe to say that he's looking forward to owning it. He also asked for a 'knitted ninja headband' He doesn't have one and apparently I have failed him in his ninja pursuits.


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