I blinked and it was February

Saturday, February 4, 2017
That's correct 1/12th of the year is already gone. The kids are back at school, work is picking up, and we are a tiny tiny TINY bit closer to Autumn.

I noticed a wave of posts on Instagram of people reviewing completed projects for January - whoa! I am just not that fast at getting projects finished, especially when some nights it's too hot to think let alone crochet or knit! But I have been doing stuff, so here's what I've been up to...

1. I visited a lovely shop (with built in cafe - awesome) called Steph's in Moruya during the summer hols. It was mostly fabrics, sewing & quilting supplies, with only a small stash of yarns, but it was still gorgeous to have a poke around in. The cafe meant I could park the kids with a cookie and babycino, be mere metres from them, and be admiring yummy fabrics. They had some of my faves, like Ink and Spindle and designs by Gingiber, and I was so tempted to buy a couple of panels.

2. I have finished the body of the Green Bag (no new pics), but still haven't decided on handles! I came *this* close to going cotton webbing, but how the cut edge of the webbing would be finished has been bothering me, so I'm going to talk to a chap that does leather stuff in town.

3. I saw a call out for crocheted or knitted squares for the charity organisation St.Kilda Mums, organised by @fulltiltnanna on Instagram, and decided to pull out some leftovers and hook up as many as I could until the yarn ran out or I hit the deadline. I ended up posting on the deadline, which I'm hoping ends up being ok. I think it will be, I'm sure I read that the need for squares will be ongoing.

4. I started the Green Beanie! Something from my Project List! The shorter 4.5mm ends finally arrived! This was pretty huge for me, having not knitted in years, and never knit in the round before, to get started involved:
 a) finding puffy fluffy cotton yarn in worsted weight
 b) buying circular needles
 c) winding a ball from a skein by hand
 d) looking up how to cast on for a refresher
 e) looking up how to join to knit in the round

After the first round which was killer due to maybe too tight a cast on (???) I discovered I had undone my spare stitch before joining and so I was a stitch short but I was not going back so fudged in an 80th stitch.

I went to Tin Can Knits for the cast on refresher and how to join to knit in the round. The pattern or 'how to' I am following for the beanie is from The Craft Sessions.

5. I finally went to Berry, it was short notice and I was with the Mr, so even though I was definitely getting into the yarn shop there - Sew and Tell, I didn't plan ahead and figure out what I might really want to buy. I finally remembered I needed stitch markers, and also treated myself to some Clover Pompom makers, very happy about that! Lots of lovely stuff, I know you've been Louise, but photos still would have been a good idea. I've been obsessing about this cotton merino yarn that was knitted up into a sample on display. I couldn't remember what the yarn was, or even much about the sample apart from I wanted to try it on it was so soft and lovely. Well just today I asked them what the yarn was, and found out it was Katia Cotton Merino. 70% cotton! I think I could maybe try wearing this? Might need to try a small thing first just in case? Or something very outerwear so it won't touch my skin much. Next time I'm there I'll get a photo of the sample cardigan. I think I'm a way off being able to do something as big as that, but I'm going to check out the pattern and see if it really is something that would suit me, I could pick it up and and it to the Project List...

And that was January! And no I haven't drawn up my mega wall calendar yet!

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  1. Wow! you have achieved so much in January. I knitted a bit and chucked some stuff out, that's about it.

    I love the fabric in the shop you visited. I have a bit of a weakness for nice fabric but never seem inspired enough to drag the sewing machine out and make something worthy.

    Oh and yes Sew and Tell is fab. I visited once and was able to snaggle some yarn that I knew had been discontinued.

    Good luck with the hat and the cotton merino blend!


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