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Thursday, January 12, 2017

I love ordering stuff online, because I now have the best postman I have had in my life. That's a big call, I might have to qualify it by saying 'in my adult life since buying things online became a big thing'. Where once upon a time almost all packages had to be collected from the post office due to there being 5 steps between our house and the road, we now receive every parcel, even those we are notified we need to pick up three post offices away. Imagine that. You get the text, your parcel is a good 30min highway driving at 100km/h away. Your next town day is at least one or two days away. You decide to sit tight. The next morning, poof, package brought to the door by the best postman ever. I basically shivered with happiness.

So thanks to my online shopping skills and No.1 postman, I now have the skein of yarn for the green beanie project, and I found the two sizes of interchangeable circular needle tips, and a 40cm connector cord at my LYS ( I only found out what that meant a couple of days ago - such a noob).

I need to wind the skein into a ball - this will be my first time, Louise informs me I'd better watch a Youtube video of this process if I don't want to end up in a screaming tangled mess. Next, I think I need a longer cord, because look, I can barely get the tips of the needles near each other due to the pulling of the short cord. I had to call Louise to find out if this was normal. I found out about a thing called a magic loop, more Youtubing!

Now I almost have three WIPs. One to three. I don't do multiple WIPs normally, because it typically means one will be cast aside, never to be completed. I mean NEVER. I'm reluctant to pick up the knitting needles for the Green Beanie until the Green Bag is complete.

I realised today I haven't shared any of the progress of my green bag here. It's just about finished! I'm having last minute change of heart about the handles. I had planned on natural leather, but I'm now thinking cotton webbing, because it will be just as soft and pliable as the bag itself. I've found a source for the webbing, just to actually click 'buy' on it.

This Paintbox yarn seems to be everywhere right now. I'm not surprised, it's a good price, the colour range is fantastic (the green!!!), and it's a nice cotton to work with, not rough or lumpy, but not super polished either. Nice and soft feel, but not plushy or thick. Good for the bag project but not quite what I wanted for the beanie. I lashed out and bought the ten pack, because this colour is just that good. My plan was to use five balls or less to make the bag.

I used Shelley Husband's guide to crocheting a circular circle, I did okay there. With a little more patience it might have been even flatter. Fortunately, the bag doesn't really rely on a flat bottom, it isn't structural like a basket.

 It was at this point - three balls down - I frogged it back to the base! I'd made the base circle too big, making a super wide floppy bag that would never be tall enough in my mind with only 5 balls.

See, so much better, part way through ball 4 and proportions are much better. I've finished just part way into ball five, with a few decisions needing to be made and handles to be purchased. I have to make sure I don't lose it at this point of the project and finish it up soon. What made me flip flop with the handle material was that leather won't require any thought to it's edges, where cotton webbing will have an unfinished edge. Will tucking it under before stitching to bag enough??? Oh, and I'll need thread for the stitching. Need to decide that and whether I fold down the edge of the bag and inch to make the top edge a little more sturdy.

WIP no.3 is for a good cause, I'm going to knock up some squares for this call out from Full Tilt Nanna, for a charity called St.Kilda Mums, who recycle kids and baby gear both to help mums in need and to do some good for the environment. I have left over yarn from the Big Granny blankets and I feel the need for something simple to do while I ponder all the questions I have about my bag project.

Watching:   Gilmore Girls and Sherlock
Watched:   The Crown (loved it, looking forward to season 2)
Reading:   I don't have a book on the go, after deciding I'd watch Fantastic Beasts before reading it, and needing a little breather before the next in the Elly Griffiths 'Dr.Ruth Galloway' series.
Read:   the first and second books in the 'Dr.Ruth Galloway' series by Elly Griffiths, The Crossing Places and The Janus Stone. It's set in Norwich, a place I know nothing about except it gets a lot colder than it does here. Which I like. Dr.Ruth is a forensic archaeologist - which I find kind of fascinating. I'll say no more, apart from I'm enjoying them, it's a nice change to the absolute fluff I normally read, but not too dark.

The pic up the top was looking at the bush from the beach yesterday, it was cool and breezy and overcast, my favourite.


  1. You know your postie might like a beanie for winter, WIP4!

    I'm glad you were aware that you needed to wind the skein before you started the project, some people (ok, me!) didn't realise and learnt the very hard and tangled way.

    I'm loving all the green and the bag is almost a FO (finished object).

    Don't worry about having too many WIP, project monogamy is overrated.

    1. Actually I discovered what might be the perfect yarn for my mum's blanket project from my project list, I can feel that one moving up the list!

  2. You're making me want to order yarn online too even though I am trying to be very good in January and survive on what is in my stash. Loving the green color of your crochet bag!

    1. How gorgeous is the green?! So hard to find this exact colour! If you are looking to stash bust you might be inspired by some of Louise's posts about just that. Louise is trying to limit herself to projects that will use up her stash.


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