Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish

Friday, January 27, 2017
Today my crafting time seems to have been spent throwing things away wondering why I kept them in the first place. I apologise in advance for the photos I couldn't see the point of making rubbish look attractive.

Exhibit A

I know that untangling this very tangled yarn will take me a couple of hours and truthfully I can't be bothered. The white lace weight yarn is left over from another project and i have no future plans for it. The neon yellow was probably discarded after I make Kiera's neon socks and I have no idea what the teal is from.

Decision made. Its in the bin. 

Exhibit B 

Why have I kept a dog chewed DPN? I think I have some sort of crafting hoarder syndrome.

This too is in the bin. I have, of course, kept the remaining DPN's from the set.

Exhibit C 

Today's lesson was bought to you from eBay its title is "All plastics are not equal' These stitch markers are cheap knock offs of Japanese stitch markers but the plastic is so brittle they all snapped. I can't imagine I spent much money on them but they are currently making my bin look very colourful.

Hopefully, my evening knitting will be more productive.

Kiera has been sat on my lap the whole time I have been writing this and says "Hello Michelle, Hello blog" (she wants me to finish up so she can have the computer!)


  1. Hello Kiera! Have you done any knitting lately?
    I'm feeling the need to declutter after viewing the smallest house in the world and realising that will probably be all we can buy when a structurally sound version comes on the market. No, I must think positive, something better will show up. A declutter is good though, makes you more productive I think?

  2. The declutter was good but i probably have a lot more I could chuck out.

    Kieras loves knitting but her sessions are sporadic I think she will do more in the winter, we are too busy to sit and knit at the moment (I'm having this problem too)


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