Happy Blogiversary Michelle!

Thursday, January 5, 2017
Did you know that one year ago today we launched our blog, with our first post being launched into the internet presumed never to be read? (we had high hopes!)

In the last year, we have written 64 posts, which I think is pretty good considering we only ever committed to writing one post a week. We have blogged about, travel, cooking, knitting, crochet and miscellaneous craft.

I have loved every minute and really enjoy reading your posts about what you have been up to.

Thank you Michelle.


So to our readers, it might have occurred to you that Michelle is the design brain of the blog. The look, logo and picture layout (which I keep stuffing up) is all down to her.

In an attempt to feel like I am contributing something, I have assumed the role of keeper of the stat's:

Our most popular post has been the one about Carson's Cardigan this was largely due to Carson posting about the Blog on her facebook page. She is much better at promoting our blog than we are!

and our second most popular blog post this year has been the one about home made yogurt. This post gets regular readers. We would love to hear from some people who have followed the recipe as we are intrigued about how it has turned out for them.

The other thing I love having a look at is where our readers are based, most are from Australia, USA and England, but we also have readers in Chile, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Israel to name but a few. Thank you to all of you for dropping in, we hope you enjoy the blog and that you continue to stop by.

Here's to next year!

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  1. You've just put the biggest smile on my face! I am, as you know, probably, absolutely awful with things like anniversaries! I had no idea! I'm dead set impressed we did over 52 posts! 64 is awesome! Go us! I love reading all your posts too, and I can't tell you how much this blog has helped me personally, it's been a full on year with the move down here. And I'm loving it even more as time goes on! AND I BOUGHT CIRCULAR NEEDLES TODAY! OOMMGGGG!!!!

    Yes I'd be curious as to whether that yoghurt recipe is working for people. Something I've discovered is that you can't leave those packets of easy open for very long before the cultures die off. Sealed completely with tape it lasted longer (weeks), but just a bag clip and the packet only lasts about a week.


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