Happy Pompom Wreath

Sunday, December 4, 2016

It's a pompom wreath! I thought I'd have this finished to send to a friend for the beginning of Spring. Well I got that wrong! It isn't meant to be a Christmas wreath, it's meant to be a spring, or any time wreath, hence the colours. Or rather the colours I had inspired the purpose, pompoms are a great way to use up bits and pieces of yarn. Pretty sure I've talked about making them before, but I thought I'd share two methods I tried during this project. I'm still to try a method I feel gives a good result easily and - key point here - repeatably!

First one - these funny little half circle pompom makers. Just don't. As I suspected, they make half a pompom, or one very sparse pompom. The staff member in the shop I was in convinced me they make perfectly good pompoms, I don't remember her saying you have to tie two together to get a proper fluffy pompom. Perhaps they are pom makers, not pompom makers...

The next one came with the french knitting dolly I bought earlier this year. Nice dense pompom, but an awful lot of wasted yarn getting that egg shaped pompom into a circle. So the hunt continues!

Initially I was just making these in the downtime from other projects, collecting a bright cheerful bunch of wooly balls. Then November came and I figured I'd better get this thing finished or it would need to be a winter wreath! I settled on a foam wreath form to attach the pompoms, and wrapped it in yarn too, burning my finger with hot glue in the process (sign of a top notch craft project I hear).

Which led to the big dilemma - I hadn't really planned any of this so as I reached the end of hot gluing the pompoms on to the wreath, I realised I still needed at least one more! Not happy with this first end result at all. You can see the gappy nature of the lower left hand side. Plus there was something about it that felt a bit off-kilter. Luckily Louise rescued me with yarn and some positive feedback at this point or I might have torn the thing up to salvage the foam.

Some bright aqua yarn to the rescue, and once the gap seems plugged, I pulled the blue two-tone and popped an aqua pompom there as well. Much happier with this result! Thank you Louise! The wreath has been other hastily packaged and is off to the post office as I type. Gosh I hope it arrives in reasonable shape.

Just before I go, Mr has been a busy bee in the veg patch, and needed the space where the boys carrots were to plant a million other seedlings. Check out his haul!


  1. I love your dedicated to pom-pom perfection! Have you done the old fashioned method with two pieces of cardboard cut into rings?

    I really love how it looks and I'm delighted that I got to help by posting yarn!

    1. The cardboard rings method is okay for making one or two pompoms the same size, but they get hacked up really quickly, possibly my scissors aren't the best and I have to really get in there. So when it comes to consistency and ease of use, they would be pretty low on the scale! Sometimes it's hard to even find the right cardboard to cut up! If you are only occasionally making one pompom, like for a beanie or something, then yes, probably your best bet due to economy and reasonable shape forming. Wow I really got into the whole pompom thing didn't I...

      I hope Flick likes it! I hope it arrives in one piece!


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