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Wednesday, November 23, 2016
After 18 months of love ( (c) Amanda Prior Photography) 

While I was at Amanda's House the other day photographing my Log Cabin Blanket she decided that she would also like to take a photo of the blanket I had knit and gifted to her on the birth of her son. As you can see he has grown a bit.

The blanket is made up of a series of square, some were from this pattern.

( (c) Amanda Prior Photography) 

Others were adapted dishcloths.

The yarn was luxury 10ply by Bendigo Woollen Mills which is probably one of my favourite yarns soft, squishy, reasonably priced and machine washable. Actually that last one is probably the most important when gifting an item for a baby and I remember having to prove to Amanda (by photographing the yarn tag) that it was ok to throw in the washing machine.

The blanket has held up well from 18 months of daily use, it is very well loved.

before 18 months of love

 (These last three photo were by me - did you guess?)

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  1. I did suspect the last three photos were by you, or that perhaps Amanda's little one was trying to reclaim said blanket from the photographer? I love this blanket, texture in a single colour is a big love of mine with knitting, and I love the sampler nature of this blanket.


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