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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mum visited recently, and in the way folks seem to do, Mum brought up bits and bobs to pass on to me. My grandparents passed away in the last few years so there are still a few things Mum has been waiting to bring up. I love having some bits and pieces to remember them by. My grandfather's plane, actually a fancy bit of kit, and appears in pretty good condition. Hopefully David and I will put it to use.

My grandma's newest sewing machine. I think she used this twice, and from then on would wait for me to visit and I would fix things using it for her.

The 'sewing kit', actually a fairly random collection of sewing and craft stuff! Bit exciting!

Hello big boys! One step closer to doing a big chunky knit, I'm thrilled to find these, and did you spot the slightly smaller pair in there too?

What even is this stuff? Sock darning yarn? And there was a little tool in the box, was that a sock darning tool? I haven't looked through the button jar yet, but I love an old jar of buttons.

Ooh I wondered where this had got to. I leant it to Mum ages ago. Nice stuff in this book.

A bag of sequins and tiny pins! This stuff was actually mine from when I was about 10 years old. I used to make these sequin covered Christmas baubles, using a styrofoam ball and those tiny little pins.

Last but definitely not least. I used this machine with my grandma. That little hole in the front of the timber base, top the right, is for a knee lever. No foot pedal! It's a large bent and formed pice of metal bar that comes out and bends down over the edge of the table, and you wobble your knee back and forth to make the machine go. But here's the bad news, I haven't found the power cable for it anywhere amongst this stuff. I'm a little devastated about that. Here is a shot showing the place you plug in the cord...

The whole machine is hinged to the base, I've flipped it up but no luck, no cord hidden in there. There is that last metal plate, to the right, I haven't unscrewed that yet, but as it is screwed down, probably it isn't cord storage, and probably shouldn't be messed with. So that's a real shame, if it worked I have an excellent reason to hang on to it, even though it weighs a tonne. As a non-working memento, well I hope I can hang on to it through the next move! I wonder if an electrician can sort this sort of thing out?


  1. Oh wow! I'm so jealous of your Singer, it is a beautiful creature and I forbid you from ever getting rid of it. Hopefully it is only temporarily decorative and we can figure out how to her power up.
    The button jar def needs sorting, the boys can help with that, and I foreseen some minecraft themed styrofoam Christmas baubles on your tree this year.
    I don't know what the silko stuff is for, I'll show it to Mum and my MIL. Is the sock darning tool mushroom shaped?

    1. Yes! There is a little wooden handle topped with what looks like a green bike bell. Very mushroom shaped.
      I'm so sad about the power cord! Frustrating!


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