The weirdest glove you'll ever see

Sunday, October 23, 2016
Firstly, I have to start with an apology. Our computer is currently broken. It's been at the shop for over 10 days, apparently our favorite technicians can not work out what we have done to it. 

Which means I am writing this post on my phone. I have limited editing options. Sorry. 

Like most knitters, I often get requests for knitted objects. Usually the answer is, "No.  but I will teach you to knit it you would like." This is only partly because I am a jerk but also because I like to knit with out expectations. I will happily knit gifts for people but that's always on my own terms. I feel that, admittedly rather selfishly, if I am using my knitting time to knit for somebody I should be able to choose what I knit and for whom. 

Sometimes however somebody will ask for something so odd that I am instantly intrigued and agree on the spot. 

A Clanger! Seriously, how could I resist?

Recently, I got another request I couldn't pass up. The catcher on my softball team asked for a glove to underneath her catchers mitt as she needs a little bit more padding. What made this request so appealing was that she only wanted it to cover half her hand and only two fingers. 

The other difficulty was that I knew it had to be cotton and the lack of elasticity would make the cuff too loose. I found myself thinking about the glove a lot. My friend was convinced that I would figure it out, I wasn't. 

Then, during our holiday, while sitting in the passenger seat of the campervan, it all came to me.  The cuff needed a Velcro close and the shape could be achieved using a technique called 'wrap and turn'

Ta da!


The bagginess means she can add further padding if she needs it. 




  1. That last photo is hilarious! Poor Rupert completely unaware! I totally get your knit for others philosophy, if you put the time into projects you want to enjoy the process and have an interest in the end result. I think it's a very clever job you've done there! Hope it works well for your friend! Ok. Now what's this clanger thing? Is that a current tv show?

  2. The Clangers would be right up your alley, look it up on YouTube.

    It's a British kids show from the 1970s. Like most of the stuff from the era it is like a drug enduced psychedelic flashback to an event you couldn't have possibly attended. My favourite character was the soup dragon.


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