Kmart Hack - My new notice board

Friday, September 9, 2016
Michelle is sick this week, one of her darling children decided to see how resilient to germs she is and has infected her with whatever nasty pointless virus they could find in the playground. She is currently complaining of death like symptoms so we can only assume she will be better soon. Therefore, you get me again...

This project came about because I am weird about my fridge. It is only a couple of years old and it is the first brand new, brushed aluminium, shiny fridge I have ever owned. When it was installed I declared that, until such time that is was no longer beautiful,  it would remain unmolested by magnets, nit notifications, party invites, art work etc etc. I also read an article around the same time that stated that sticking things to the front of your fridge made your whole kitchen look cluttered. Clutter doesn't generally bother me but it seemed to back up my theory that my fridge needed to be bare.

This weirdness has lead to some interesting conversations, Miss K, when she was slightly younger, was advised by a Day Care Teacher to "take the picture home so Mum can stick it on the fridge". Miss K replied "nothing goes on Mum's Fridge!' They already thought I was odd.

Another time the school had a special assembly and Miss K was given an Honour Award for her reading. When we got home, I pulled out a magnet and stuck the award on our fridge. Miss K said with awe and pride "you put it on the fridge". Such an honour to make it to the fridge!

Anyway, lacking a fridgedoor notice board I decided I needed a corkboard. I wanted a thick cork board that I could jab with pins but I looked in the shops and nothing appealed. They were too officey and I couldn't find a nice thick slab of cork. The homemade versions have ribbon on them which I don't like the look of, I have no idea why.

One day when I was perusing the kitchen section of Kmart I found these guys.

The rounded edges concerned me a little and I thought about straightening them up but then I remembered how lazy I was...

I didn't want naked corkboard on my wall and I had these remnants from Ikea (that one with the yellow stripe might look familiar)

It was a nice day so I decided to get my blocking boards out dig out my staple gun and get to work. I stretched the fabric as stapled in the same way you stretch canvas (a skill I learnt from YouTube many years ago).

My Quality Control Manager regularly inspected my work.

I repeated the process until they were all covered and laid them on a thin piece of board I found in the garage.

and cut it to size. I had realised that the rounded edges were going to show through but I was reasonable sure they wouldn't be that visible so I let my very eager assistant decorate awarding her 100% creative control.

The last steps were to glue it to the board with some seriously heavy duty glue and then mount it with some 3m strips.

And now its covered in notes the pink isn't obvious at all. I'm actually really pleased with how it turned out.


  1. Very clever! I like proper cork in a cork board too, these days it's a millimeter of cork over corrugated cardboard. And I'm also find of a clean fridge! I kept our new fridge clean until the kids accidentally knocked some dents into it. That's cheap fridges for you. Covering the tiles in fabric was a good idea, I could see them mounted on the wall individually as well, with a couple of inches in between them all. Awesome!

  2. Thanks Michelle.

    i think the kids are scared to death of damaging my fridge so maintain a respectable distance!


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