Stash Down - Project One - Finished Object - Frisson

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Its my Mother-in -laws 70th Birthday soon and I wanted to make her something special. I haven't actually made her anything before, which is shameful because she has made me many things and always returns home from overseas trip with a skein of yarn for me. 

The yarn was part of the last load of yarn to make it into the stash tub before it was declared closed for the year. I bought it from Spendigo (Bendigo Wool and Sheep Show) when I saw it I immediately knew that my Mother-in-law would love it. It is merino plied with a single thread of silver which makes it sparkle. What I didn't consider was how much trouble I would be in with Miss K for returning from my marvellous yarn trip with amazing yarn which wasn't for her.

When it came to choosing a pattern, I knew that my Mother-in-law had always admired the lace shawls that I had knit in the past but finds shawls difficult to wear and often wears scarfs. To be very honest, I find traditional scarfs really boring to knit and wanted something that as fairly simple, would showcase the yarn and result in a finished object that was worthy of a birthday gift.  I trawled through Ravelry for a suitable pattern, this is one of my favourite past times, and found Frisson by Brittany Wilson. 

I didn't quite have enough yarn to knit the last repeat of the pattern so I ripped back to the end of the previous section and cast off. Leaving me with a little bit of yarn to make something for Miss K. 

 This is not my Mother-in-law, this is my friend Kate who agreed to model for me.

 And this photo is for you Michelle, look what's in the background!


  1. Love hate relationship with those ferries...
    This is just fabulous Louise, I loved the first shot of the yarn highlighted in the stash shot. The finished shawl/scarf is lovely, like a scarf but with more shaping and pattern, and all the photos of it, fantastic! Woohoo! I love this.

  2. Thank you Michelle.
    Hopefully my MIL will love it.


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