Big Granny Wrap Up

Monday, August 8, 2016

I made it! Yes! Finally finished the big granny square blanket with pompoms which is for my eldest boy. How many projects have you finished in that time? Let's not count shall we?! I wish I was faster is all I can say. The final size was a balance between being big enough to wrap around eldest boy for snuggling and me being totally over making it.

So back in this post I counted up that I started with 16 balls, and now the yarn left over - 2 black (well almost three) and 4 almost 5 white. So I used 5 and a bit black and 3 almost 4 white. I have enough white to go again. Little guy has decided on a white and yellow version of the same, after scaring me for a bit there asking for red and white. I'll have to go check out the local stores for cheap yellow acrylic, Kmart had some but it was a really egg yolk yellow, too dark, or a pastel one. Neither were quite right.

My pom poms have certainly improved, however the method and speed of production has not. Currently I am still getting best results from the old cardboard template method, which is annoying because the template get trashed after two or three pom poms. Which has given me ideas, but really I can see the benefit of the Clover brand pom pom maker, consistent sizing, the fact the split in half makes them quicker to wrap, and you have a more even thread length. In a cardboard template you end up with uneven thread lengths because you cannot wrap thickly near the slot without all the yarn falling off, so it naturally becomes lopsided, which means more trimming to shape it after.


  1. Since you have started your big granny blanket I have not completed (nor started) a single crochet project!

    Well done Michelle, it looks fantastic and I'm really looking forward to seeing the next one for the Little Guy, when you find the perfect yellow.

    I have to confess I did giggle a bit at the thought of you obsessive trimming your pom pom's, again well done they look great :)

    1. I have become quite nutty (obsessive?) about the shape of my pompoms. Sometimes the pile of trimmings looks as big as the original pompom!


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