DIY rainbow mobile

Friday, August 26, 2016

There is something so appealing about these melty craft beads. I've bought Hama brand and the Ikea version, Pyssla, and both equally good. You can get a much wider colour selection if you can find a shop that sells the Hama beads, whereas the Ikea beads come in a great big tub but have a limited colour range. Great for the kids, unless they are like the big guy and want to recreate minecraft characters. You'll need the Hama bead pack with the widest range of colours for that!

The boys and I have used them for a few of our craft sessions now, and recently they pitched in together and made a rainbow. With no fixed idea what we were going to do with it, it floated around for a couple of weeks until I suggested we make a mobile, we could make a bunch of rainbows! This was greeted with positive noises, so it went on the mental to do list for next craft session. In the meantime talk turned to rainbows at odd moments, and littlest got quite interested in rainbows and how they are made. He loved the idea of a mobile with the sun, clouds, and rain making him a rainbow.

We have easy access to sticks here. Painting the stick white was a great task for him. It was a bit tricky sorting out how to make the shape of the raindrop, I was tempted to go straight pixel graphic style, but with the very round rainbow and sun I was happier with the rounded version. As you can see below I used the heart shaped board.

You use baking paper when you iron the beads together. 

I decided to keep it small. How cute is this? I was planning where each item would hang. You can see here that I used the heart shaped board for the cloud too. One full sized heart, lightly ironed, and another leaving off the outermost line of beads, leaving spare pegs to be able to place the larger heart and then ironing the whole thing again together. All of the pieces were flipped and ironed on the reverse as well. We have a local market happening here soon, and biggest has plans to make keyrings with the melty beads, I'll share if he gets them done.

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  1. I love what you and your craft collaborators came up with!
    Well done guys that is stunning :)


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