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Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Since I last blogged I have been fortunate enough to go away on two short breaks.

The first was a family trip to the snow. Which started with a six hour drive. The kids were great. Mr Doh did all the driving so I got to knit, I nearly knit one whole extra long Maroo Mitt on the way there. I had hoped to knit the other one on the way back but I broke one of my bamboo DPN's.

I'm actually going to knit another almost identical pair of these, I intend to replace the top section with some pale grey.

Our three days of skiing were fantastic and the kids made great progress. It was really fabulous to be able to follow them down the beginner slopes.  They have both told me they want to get good enough to go up the top of the mountain with me. I think they both going to be far better skiers than me.

My next trip was on the following weekend. I persuaded my Mum and My Sister in Law to come to the Wool and Sheep Show at Bendigo. It was fabulous and I did some serious stash enhancement 

and made some new friends

We also watched the shearing competition. it was amazing to watch a sheep being defleeced in 3 minutes and then this mass of fleece being thrown in one piece.

On the way home we went to Bendigo Woollen Mills  and frolicked in the back room

Behold the back room! 

 Another highlight of the weekend was snapping my teetotal Mother sitting in front of the fire sipping a red wine (apparently my sister in law and I choose nicer wine than Dad!)

(this post was named by Mr F)

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  1. Woohoo! You were a lucky ducky! I love skiing, I was lucky to be able to show kids the first time this school hols. And that back room, whoa. I think you did well, practiced a lot of restraint ;)


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