Just keep hooking

Saturday, July 16, 2016

I feel a bit like Dory this weekend.

I had decided with this big granny that I would halve the stash of cheap black and white acrylic, and that's how big it would be. Turned out I'd bought 16 balls altogether, and I figured I'd need a ball leftover for pom poms. That meant I could use 3 black balls and 3-4 white balls for this project, because black pom poms.

However, I reached that point and did the rather scientific test of having eldest wrap himself in blanket to test size, and it became clear I had to keep going. It just wraps, but at the rate he's growing it won't fit around him by next winter.

Just keep hooking, just keep hooking...

At least I'm getting close. I'd like it to be long enough to cover my toes to my chin when lying down on the sofa, so about 1.5m square. I think that will do him for some time. Next I will need to test some pom pom making methods, especially as I won't be splashing out on a Clover brand pom pom maker.

1 comment:

  1. Yep. Keep on going until you just can't bear to do another stitch.

    It looks fab :)


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