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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How good is getting things in the mail? Things that aren't bills or election propaganda leaflets? Even better are things that are totally awesome surprises, like this crochet book Louise just sent me! Thank you Louise! Friday was definitely a happy mail day. Maybe Louise knows that I need to extend my crochet skills beyond the trusty old granny square.

As pointed out in the letter that came with the book, the above project appeals very much to me. I love working with string. I think the above could also be done in t-shirt yarn, which I'm having a mild obsession with (from afar - haven't bought any yet). Which leads us to the project below.  How cute?! I'm not sure if I need any small bowls right now though? Maybe scale it up to hold 20 balls of yarn instead of one?

Some of the styling is just lovely, like this drool-worthy Ercol 'Originals' studio couch. Get in my living room!

And this is where the real challenge lies, I'd quite like something like this star garland done in all white for christmas, but I've never tackled anything other than a granny square or a simple bowl. And I can't even remember how I did the bowl now!

I'm undecided on this project. It's cute right? It serves a purpose, I suppose, the light is prettier coming through the holes in the crochet than just sitting in an old jam jar. Isn't it? Is it me though? See, can't decide.

Thank you for the happy mail!

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  1. I'm so pleased you like the book!

    When I picked it up, the first image I saw was the string bag, it immediately made me think of you. I skimmed through the book I saw more and more projects that I knew you'd love.

    The tea light jam jars are just lovely. I hope you have a crack at a couple of the projects. I'm sure you can make all the projects you love and YouTube will be able to fill any knowledge gaps in for you.

    Happy hooking crotchpotter xx


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