Stash busting

Friday, June 17, 2016
This is what 300 grams of impulse purchased yarn looks like in blanket form

And, in an unsurprising move, it has been claimed by Miss K. I am glad to have it off the needles but will miss it's warmth as I rests on my knees whilst I knit in the evenings. 

I've even dusted off the sewing machine and had a crack at making some Pajama bottoms for Mr F. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly I also have a fabric stash and these robots have been waiting 7 years to be transform from a baby wrap. 

Considering that my sewing skills are fairly basic, I'm really pleased with how these have turned out and I learned quite a bit whilst making them (and finally read the manual for my 10 year old sewing machine) 


  1. Pajama pattern please!!! I'm up for that. The blanket looks good on K's bed, that pattern does nice cushions too.

  2. I read quite a few 'how to make a pair of Pajama bottoms with out a pattern' blogs but this one is the closest to the one I used

    The only difference was that I didn't do the band of exposed elastic at the top, I concealed mine.


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