No good. Very bad week.

Friday, April 1, 2016
I really do hate to (mis)quote the title of that book, purely because some kind soul bought it for my children not realising quite how depressing it is, but I really have had a shocker.

Firstly, the motherboard on the computer died (I'm typing this on my phone!). Then both kids have been sick. Miss K seems to be on the mend but Mr F is at the doctors right now, with Mr Doh, with suspected tonsillitis. 

Anyhoo, while I wait for them to get back I thought I'd flash my latest knitting projects. 

I finished a beaded scarf, it looks weird whilst blocking 

But when worn the jagged bits help to keep the shape 

Sorry about the appalling selfie. I only see one tassel. I will try to get a better picture later but this may never happen!

Behold the Star Wars hat. It was entered in the Easter show but sadly not a ribbon winner (next year!) 

The text reads "The force is strong in this one"

And I have picked up the lace shawl again. 

I'm still not happy with it but I am learning new techniques (nupps: bobbles made by purling 7 stitches together) so I will probably finish it, block it and then decide what to do with it. 

I have also been working on one of my none knitting projects, planning two new knitting projects and thinking about how to make biscuits (cookies) that look like pieces of steak! 


  1. Is that the book they made into a movie with Strve Carell in it? That sucks you are having a bad week, I hope the kids feel better soon, change of seasons brings on more sick kids don't you think? I love that green thingie, please do take more photos of it! Maybe see if the kids can take a photo? Or even Mr.Doh! The fair isle Star Wars hat is awesome, clearly the judges are blind. I think the shawl will be worth it in the long run, I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. Are the cookies for Rupert? I really hope so! Tomorrow morning we craft again. Air dry clay this time.

  2. Yes that's the movie/book and now I'm sick (awesome!)
    I don't think the judges are blind it was just a really tough category with 26 entrants, some of the others only had two entrants, so guaranteed wins!
    And nope, the steak shaped biscuits are for a dinner party we are attending.


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