Inspiration is a funny thing

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Before the shawl went quite so spectacularly wrong, I was, as you know working day and night on it; racing towards a deadline.  I was determined. I didn't have time to be distracted and, as always happens when neck deep in a massive project with an impossible deadline, inspiration struck.

Here is the list of all the things I want to create:

1. Cat scratch pole
2. Notice board
3. Dog bed
4. Curtain for the laundry (this has been on the list for ages)
5. Knicker bocker glory (this one actually belongs to my son but he's pretty keen to achieve expert level in this field).
6. Duvet Cover for my Son

The thing that I find most interesting about these projects is that none of them are knitting related.

As you know, I have a massive tub loaded with yarn. I have patterns and needles coming out of my wahzoo but nothing is standing out for me.

This of course will end when I am staring at my sewing machine, or welding my staple gun, wondering why I am not knitting.


  1. Pom-poms. Just thinking of all that yarn. What is knickerbocker glory??? Are you all knit out? It sounds like you need a little break at least?

  2. A knickerbocker glory is a dessert. It's made of ice cream, strawberries and syrup served in a tall wide mouthed glass and eaten with a long spoon. They are mentioned in the first Harry Potter.

  3. Ohhhh... yes I guess considering what a HP fan I am I should have known that. I'm a fan of Eton Mess myself!

    1. They don't go into great detail. Dudley gets one, Harry doesn't. Mr F thought the words were funny and wanted to know what it was. Once he found out it was very keen to "cook" one


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