That's it I quit!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I have been workin like a lunatic on my 2ply shawl, keeping up a cracking pace, but niggling thoughts are pervading my determination to get this done in time. 

There are errors in the work:
That's ok, I tell myself, I can fix that. 

Well bugger, that's not meant to be there but it's ok I can fix that. 
Hmm that centre stitch doesn't look right but it's ok I can fix that. 

But then a letter came in the post telling me I have to deliver my work 10 days earlier than I thought I had to...crap! Mr Doh called it, he said 'not this year Louise, next year' 
No I cried if I do five rows a night and more on Sunday I can do it. 
'Nope' he said 'next year' 
And then I pulled my knitting out of the box, intent on fixing those errors and knitting my 5 rows of 350 stitches and then I saw this

That, my dear, is the symbolism of my shattered dreams, otherwise known as a broken needle. 

Mr Doh is right, next year. 

But at least I'll get to fix those botches properly. 

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  1. It's like the broken needle was destiny sending you the message that you didn't want to hear from Mr.Doh. Next year! And this time please start it well before Christmas?! I'm looking forward to hearing how your other entry goes!


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