Surprise knitting post

Friday, February 12, 2016
This post is a surprise for two reasons: firstly, I have completed a hat for my favourite little man (but he's not getting it until his birthday in April); and secondly, because I didn't realise that this was going to be a knitting post until about half an hour ago.

Mr F will be 8 in April and like most 7 and a half year olds he is obsessed with Star Wars. I knit this pattern from Ravelry, changing the words from 'THE FORCE AWAKENS' to 'THE FORCE IS STRONG IN THIS ONE' 

I had intended to enter this into the Royal Easter Show but I'm not sure it falls into the category for "Adult Accessory" and I stupidly didn't enter the one for "Child's Accessory". 

My other knitting news is that the book, that I dithered about buying for about 6 months, is finally here. I recently discovered that I couldn't buy the PDF through Australian Amazon and that shipping from American Amazon cost more than the book... Well screw you Amazon, it arrived today! It was smuggled into Australia by a friend's American relative. Admittedly, Amazon still got my money but it really shouldn't be that hard to buy a book!
Here it is, it is lovely and well worth the effort.
And I have cast on my shawl after freaking out that I only have 35 days to knit a 2ply shawl!


  1. Did you get the Morris French Grey??? How do you knit so fast???

  2. Also the hat is very cute, is that on your head? I think so. You could get away with an adult accessory then I think?

  3. Yep Morris French Grey.

    The hat is on my head, I might submit it anyway. I've nothing to lose and paid for a spot.


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