Neon and Neutral Colour Inspiration

Thursday, February 4, 2016
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I have to tell you that ball of neon (fluoro?) yarn you bought keeps popping up in my mind. It inspired this little collection of neon & neutral images. Purl Soho has the best projects doesn't it? They nailed the neon & neutral colour combination too, in a few variations. Grey, white or an oatmeal/off-white work beautifully with the bright pops of colour. Have you decided what you'll do with the yarn yet?

Super cute beanie from Purl Soho
I've had this granny stripe blanket project on my to-do list ever since I saw it, one for me I guess rather than you, as it's crochet! And hopefully apart from the size of it, relatively easy.

Granny stripe blanket with neon detail

I like this idea of the neon edging. Maybe a neutral blanket (various squares in different stitches, but all in the one neutral colour - so you don't get too bored knitting it!) or dress for miss.k with a neon edge?

I spotted this here
Or maybe not just a little edge, but a big block of neon. This sort of project makes me want to pull out the sewing machine.

Boxy shirt project by Purl Soho

Okay back to your yarn. It's sock yarn I know, so here we go, one last project inspiration, that might be more relevant! Colour blocked socks. I could see the neon for half the sock and the neutral for the other.

Cutest socks ever, over at Purl Soho
Notice how much pink there was here? I know, I'm surprised myself.


  1. I love these ideas. The colour pops are perfect.
    The hat you selected uses a technique known as brioche. It's really popular amongst knitters at the moment (I believe the brioche moment has been led by Stephen West who has produced a lot of interesting pieces using it over the last year).
    It has been on my 'must try' list for a while.

    And yes so much pink Miss K will be very proud of you.

  2. Oh you are so quick! How did you know I'd posted?! I love the look of the method in the hat, like a reversible sort of stitch is it? Could you use your yarn like the pink and do the beanie? Or maybe use that method for the leg part of a sock? (I know all the correct terms, NOT!).


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