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Sunday, January 24, 2016
I don't think I'm alone here am I? Doesn't miss K start big school this year? The past week or so I've been thinking about the end of the school holidays. It was time to start getting things a bit more organised. I've been drooling over all the posts about really smart looking lunch boxes but was fairly sure I didn't need to buy the boys anything new this year. First in line was the lunch box and drink bottle clean up and cull. After getting rid of anything broken, missing lids, and a few containers that we hadn't used in over a year (too big, too many built in compartments), it was pretty clear I'd be sticking with what we had. Three lunchbox sleeves/zipper cases, at least 4 drink bottles, around 4 containers that can hold a sandwich or salad, and a million smaller containers. We are good to go. The separate containers work for my boys because they like to just pull out a morning tea snack and leave the rest in their bag/fridge. As much as I love those compartment style lunch boxes, they aren't going to work for us.

Organised into a tub for sleeves and bottles, and a tub for all containers, and that's it.

I also wanted to be ready with some food ideas. After 6 weeks of feeding two small people continuously, I'm at that 'hey how about baked beans for lunch' stage, because less prep equals better. My food imagination has all dried up. The Organised Housewife and Be A Fun Mum both have loads of simple ideas. I also got out my Women's Weekly Kid's Cooking cookbook (some good sandwich ideas), and then sat down with the kids to build a list of what they like at the moment. I've got 3-4 sandwich ideas for each of them, with pasta or rice salad, found out which veggie sticks they'll eat, and noted a couple of freezable muffin recipes to try. Which one likes taking yoghurt, and which one will take a boiled egg. That is all on the front of the fridge, to remind me to buy some food soon.

First batch in the freezer, corn and cheese muffins! They do taste better than they look here.

Clothes I sorted for biggest before school finished last year, because I burnt his only t-shirt in the last week of school. School shoes happened last week, I go to Surfstitch and browse the sale section, this time with a code for 30% off sale prices. Nice ;) The big clothes sort out just happened for littlest, the last of the size twos gone (sniff, but he is almost 4) and all the too-big hand-me-downs sorted into sizes, anything orange or red removed and put back into bags for passing on to those less weird than me.

Stationery. Hello. Okay I'm not actually done with this one yet. We, apparently, don't get a list before school goes back. So when I went into OfficeWorks recently, I wasn't able to be one of those fresh and superior parents whizzing in to pick up their pre picked and packed bags of supplies, back out the door to something altogether else in five minutes. So I just looked on in envy and bought these super lovely pencils for littlest instead, I wanted something nice and thick with the three faces to make it easy for him to hold. He'll be getting these for his birthday soon.

And then the calendar. This is something I've wanted to do for a while, get a big calendar on the wall of the kitchen that we can scribble ALL THE THINGS in. But you know me, it had to be simple looking, preferable black and white. No cute stickers. (Washi tape is ok). I drew this up and printed it off at Officeworks, just January and February so far, if it works well I'll do the rest, but already I'm thinking go bigger. The pale grey is a bit scratchy because I opted for plan printing to keep the cost down. Yes kiddo, it is BACK TO SCHOOL!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. After work I hit Target for the kids stationary, Aldi for food and the education book store for handwriting books. I'm so not ready for this year.
    p.s I love the calendar.


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